Sunday, 26 December 2010


I am a Journalist in the UK, I recently noticed the case in Canada on the Polygamy Issue and want to do a series of articles on this..I am in need of some help in understanding the culture, as I have not been exposed myself to this alternative life style.  I have spent the last 2 weeks checking for other blogs etc on the subject and the majority of what I have seen is USA based viewpoint as well as the Stop Polygamy blog in Canada

 Here in the UK we have many Muslims and others that practice the law of Sharia, and I intend to go undercover in the more egregious groups here, as well as delve into the Middle East Groups, the USA groups etc.

The purpose of this blog is hopefully to shed a worldwide viewpoint on this practice as it pertains to Sharia law, the USA Polygamy groups as well as the historical landmark Canada Case continuing.  I am just waking up to the magnitude of this lifestyle around the world, and would like to start shining a spotlight on the global impact and repercussions

If you would like to help me here, then I would be grateful for your contributions, and viewpoints.

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